A great number of persons and institutions contributed to the successful realization of this exhibition by providing loans, information, advice and assistance. Please accept our sincere apologies if anyone has been forgotten despite the careful compilation of the names. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all involved for their help and support.

Realized with support from the German Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media on the basis of a resolution passed by the German Bundestag and the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of the State of Thuringia.

The Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora Memorials Foundation has made every effort to identify the holders of the image copyrights. In the event that usage rights have not been clarified in isolated cases, we request that you contact the Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora Memorials Foundation.

Dr. Günter Agde, Berlin

Archiv der sozialen Demokratie der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Bonn (André Castrup, Dr. Christoph Stamm)

Auction house “Znak-Art”, Moscow / St. Petersburg

Irina Borodavkina, St. Petersburg

Buchenwald Memorial Collection

Central Archive of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation,Moscow

Central Army Museum, Moscow

Central State Museum of the Contemporary History of Russia, Moscow

Centropa,, Vienna (Fabian Rühle)

Igor Chapkovsky, Moscow

Collection Centre Canadien d'Architecture / Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montréal (Julia Dawson)

Comité International de la Croix-Rouge, Geneva (Claire Gander)

Deutsches Historisches Institut, Moscow (Dr. Brigitte Ziehl)

Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin (Anne-Dorte Krause)

Dr. Marc Elie, Paris

European Parliament, Strasbourg

Filmmuseum, Potsdam (Birgit Scholz - Collections)

Foundation Archives of Parties and Mass Organisations of the GDR in the Federal Archives (SAPMO-BArch), Berlin

German Federal Archives , Berlin (Dr. Peter Vier)

German Federal Archives , Koblenz (Berit Walter)

German Red Cross Tracing Service, Munich (Heinrich Rehberg)

Marie-Luise Gothe, Gotha

Herta Hebestreit, Wintersdorf bei Meuselwitz

Heidekreis District Archives, Bad Fallingbostel (Sabine Duden)


Elke A. Jung-Wolff Co., Berlin

Karl-Dietz-Verlag, Berlin (Dr. Jörn Schütrumpf)

Tomasz Kizny Private Archives, Wroclaw

Lotman-Institut, Bochum (Dr. Klaus Waschik)

Lower Saxony Memorials Foundation, Celle (Rolf Keller)

Prof. Bernhard Mai, Erfurt

Illona May, Benshausen

Meinhard Stark Private Archives, Berlin

Memorial and Museum of the NKVD Remand Prison of the City of Tomsk (Vasily Chanevich)

“Memorial” Collection, Germany

“Memorial” Collection, Krasnoyarsk

“Memorial” Collection, Moscow

Memorial Leistikowstrasse Potsdam (Dr. Ines Reich)

Memorial on the History of Political Repressions Perm-36
National Archives, Washington

NRW State Archives – Rheinland Department

Lukas Otto, Jena

Ivan Panikarov, Yagodnoya

Katharina Popov-Sellinat, certified conservator, Weimar

Dr. Irina Prokofieva-Rosner, Frankfurt a. M.

Matthias Purdel, Weimar

Immo Rebitschek, Jena

Research Centre for East European Studies, Universität Bremen (Dr. Galina Potapova, Prof. Dr. Susanne Schattenberg)


Rudolf Steiner Verlag AG, Dornach (Jonathan Staufer)

Russian State Archive for Contemporary History, Moscow

Russian State Archive for Film and Photo Documents, Krasnogorsk (Natalya Kalantarova, Yelena Koloskova)

Russian State Archive for Socio-Political History, Moscow

Sandbostel Camp Memorial (Dr. Jens Binner)

Alexander Sawin, Moscow

State Archives of the Russian Federation, Moscow (Oleg Khlevniuk, Aleksey Litvin, Sergey Mironenko - Director, Dina Nokhotovich)

State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow (Vera Pavlova)

Grit Stunnack, Rostock

Károly Szelényi, Budapest

Wolfgang Tittel, Bochum

Maria Treibman, Berlin

ullstein-bild, Berlin

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington (Judith Cohen)

Loretta Walz, Düsseldorf

George G. Werbizky Collection, Vestal / New York