Technical data

The exhibition covers a floor space of 360 square meters minimum. Its installation at each individual venue requires thorough preliminary planning with the curators and designers. At each venue the exhibition will be presented monolingually in the language prevalent in the respective region. Exchangeable graphic elements ensure the necessary flexibility.

Floor space requirements

Exhibition space min. 360 square metres (plus storage space for transport packaging = 25 square metres)
Ceiling height: min. 6.2 metres clear ceiling height (without map of Soviet Union 4.2 m)
Floor load: min. 2.5 kN / sqm

Rooms without daylight or equipped with means of blocking daylight (e.g. curtains)

Electrical equipment

Required voltage 110 – 240 V
Plugs and sockets CEE 7/4 (“Schuko”)
Total load approx. 8 KW distributed among 2 circuits, each w/ 16 A fusing (slow blow)


18 display cases (130 x 230 x 65 cm, w x h x d)
7 table display cases (140 – 170 x 90 x 72 cm, w x h x d)
1 round pedestal (420 cm Ø, 20 – 50 cm high), consisting of structural components (210 x 210 x 20–50 cm, w x l x h)

1 wooden structure (dimensions after assembly 412 x 600 x 300 cm, w x h x d), consisting of construction wood 10 x 12 cm. Assembly in combination with round pedestal.

1 shear wall with map of Soviet Union (dimensions after assembly 635 x 605 x 120 cm, w x h x d) consisting of 17 graphic panels (max. size 115 x 200 cm, w x h) and a construction wood substructure 10 x 12 cm, in varying lengths (max. length 400 cm)

1 glass stele, projection surface (198 x 124 x 65 cm, h x w x d)

Floor tiles with N+F (205 x 95 x 1.9 cm, h x w x d, total area approx. 360 qm)

Transport volume

Transport volume (3 semi-trailers + 1 7.5 t truck)
Parking space for truck (approx. 15 x 5 m + space to manoeuvre per vehicle)
Loading/unloading routes; accessibility: ground level or 1,000 kg freight lift

Duration of installation/dismantling

Installation: 2 weeks (14 working days)
Dismantling: 1 week (7 working days)

Media stations

26 media stations are integrated in the structures:
15 video stations, each consisting of media player, screen and power supply unit (14 x 19" / 1 x 22")
10 audio stations, each consisting of audio player, loudspeakers, keypad, power supply unit
1 film projection (glass stele) consisting of media player, projector, amplifier, loudspeakers and power supply unit.

All media are “plug and play”, i.e. switched on and off by way of power connection!


The borrower bears the costs of transport, installation, dismantling and architect’s fees for the adaptation of the exhibition to the respective space and the related travel costs. No lending fee is charged.


The technical data on the exhibition can be downloaded here.