Online resources

G. Ivanova: Istoriya Gulaga. In Russian.

"Der lange Schatten des Gulag" (02/2008). Article on the Perm 36 Memorial. In German.

Online Archive
Revelations from the Russian Archives. Documents on the history of the Gulag and political repression. In English.

Online Bibliography
Jenkner, Siegfried: "Erinnerungen politischer Häftlinge an den GULAG". An annotated bibliography, Dresden, 2003. In German.(= Berichte und Studien; vol. 41)

Spiegel Online
"Thema Gulag". A collection of SPIEGEL articles and reports on the Gulag. In German.

Welt Online
"Archipel Gulag: Zwangsarbeit und Tod in der Sowjetunion" (08/2008). Drawings and photographs (Vorkuta) from the Gulag. In German.

Zeit Online
"Der Klempner und der Gulag" (11/2011). Private initiatives for the establishment of a place of commemoration of the Gulag in Yagodnoye / Magadan Region. In German.